Want to take a class?

Cindy Goldrick is available to teach at bead and craft stores, at private homes (children and adult birthday parties) and in her own home. Three-hour classes are billed at one flat rate, plus materials fee (amount for materials depends on class chosen) and includes use of instructor’s tools, in most cases. Class size maximum is 8 people. Email cegoldrick@yahoo.ca or call 416-999-4146 for details.

Here is a list of current classes on offer (in alpha order):

Bead Embroidery


Create a necklace or mount an heirloom to hang on the wall. In this class students will take a vintage button and coordinate vintage and shaped seed beads to showcase the button and bring out its specific beauty. Also learn how to mount your work on backing suede or leather and finish with a variety of edging stitches.

Charming Charm Bracelet

Learn the basics of wire work, such as creating wrapped loops and opening and closing jump rings, as well as the basics of creating a balanced and pleasing design, while creating this personalized charm bracelet. A great project for upcycling old jewellery or pulling together all those mementos in the bottom of your jewellery box.

Copper Wrapped Bangles

armful of copper cuffs

Learn how to fold and bend lightweight copper sheet into thick or thin bangles that will then rivet, embellish and patina. Great starter class to familiarize yourself with basic metalworking techniques and tools.

Creating Patina and Texture on Metal

Learn how easy it is to take a metal blank, create texture using hammers, texture plates and other household items, then turn these pieces into embellished pendants that you finish with a variety of patina techniques, including liver of sulfur, alcohol inks, pencil crayons and oil-based paints.

Creating Charms and Pendants on the Now That’s a Jig!

coast to coast jig heart sample

This class will explore how to use the various shapes of pegs that come with the Now That’s a Jig! There are endless possibilities to create wire charms and pendants that come to life with added crystals.

Design a Charming Cigar Box Evening Bag


In this two-part class, students will learn how to plan/design and execute all interior and exterior aspects of a handbag made from a plain cigar box. The first four hour session will be devoted to finding your inspiration and planning which techniques you will use to carry out your design. I use everything from bead embroidery to foldforming to felting to needlework to painting to express my vision. The second session will cover finishing techniques including the many options for handles, interiors and embellishments. This is an advanced class for anyone interested in exploring their creative side to design a one-of-a-kind conversation piece you’ll be proud to carry or display.

Easy, Mixed-media Soldering


Create a unique work of art to hang on your wall, or a series of pendants, in under two hours using materials you can find in the hardware store! Students will use fire/torches, plumbers solder, rubber stamps and inks as we explore the concepts of repetition, background and colour. So much fun!


Basics of Enamelling

In this class you’ll learn the basic stages of enamelling, how to counter enamel, choosing the right tools for the job, and how to create jewellery from your enamelled blanks. Stamping and stencilling with also be covered.

Advanced Enamelling

Go beyond the basics and learn how to use scratching techniques, inclusions such as frit and millefiori, transfers, wire and bezels to add excitement and visual interest to your enamel work. Students must have knowledge of basic enamelling technqiues to take this class.

Raku Enamelling


Do you love the glossy, greeny-copper shimmer of raku pottery? Then you’ll love learning the secret to going with the flow and using enamels to create copper pendants that have that raku ceramics looks. Create pendants or join a series of blanks together for a cool bracelet.

Etching on Copper

Etched Pendant

Etched pendant

Learn how easy it is to create a pendant that you can personalize in a variety of ways. Using ferric chloride, students will use how to safely etch a square of copper, rivet it to brass then finish it as a pendant.

Etched Cuff


Use PnP paper to create delicate patterns on copper etched with ferric chloride. Then students will patina the copper and rivet it to a leather cuff, which they will size to their wrists and finish with snaps.


Intro to Foldforming

foldformed bracelet

Foldforming is the first new metalworking technique discovered in almost 2000 years. Its inventor, Charles Lewton-Brain is based in Canada. In this intro class, you will learn the properties of metal as you forge a basic line-fold and create a series of pieces that you can join into a bracelet.

Advanced foldforming


Once you’ve mastered basic line-folds, you will move on to create some very complex, organic shapes including a Rueger fold and various pod-like shapes that take the basic line-fold to new heights.

Infinity Bracelet

red jig bracelet

This bracelet was recently featured in the Fall edition of Wirework Magazine. This simple yet elegant bracelet’s frame is created using the Now That’s A Jig!, which ensures perfect results every time. The bracelet can be made using inexpensive steel or craft wire. Beads (glass, crystals, pearls, whatever you choose) are wire wrapped into the openings and the bracelet can be finished with a purchased clasp or one you create quickly on the Jig.

Kumihimo With Wire


Learn a new twist on the ancient Japanese art of kumihimo: use wire to create a shaped bracelet that features beautiful beads (crystal bicones or pearls) that create a sparkling line along the top of the bracelet. Fun and easy to do — make an armful of these beauties. Finish with end caps and a clasp of your choice.

The Leather Look

Leather is so hot right now. This fun class gets you playing with the many  Jill MacKay leather cutting dies available for the Sizzix/Big Kick machine. Students can choose to make a pendant (flower or paisley-shaped with lots of flat-back bling) or a riveted cuff. This class is fun, fashion-forward and addictive!

Motochic Leather Bracelet

Leather is hot right now, and riveted leather, combined with steel wire, is very edgy and trendy. This bracelet riffs on an original design by Brenda Schweder, inventor of the Now That’s a Jig!, and uses steel wire to frame and create enclosures for riveted leather panels. You’ll learn how to set up the jig, finish steel wire components, add compression rivets and grommets, cut and finish leather edges and create a cool bracelet in your choice of colour(s).

Painting with Fire on Metal: Create a Story Pendant

There’s nothing more beautiful than the shades of red, orange and purple that come out in copper when it is heated. Learn some exciting new techniques to create flame patina on copper then cut and shape your metal into a hinged piece inside which you can add paper or other precious pieces to tell a story. Let your creative spirit move you in this exciting, exploratory metal class.

Paper Clay and Mold-making


Make molds of vintage buttons, interesting door knobs or other fun shapes with quick-curing two-part mold compound. Then fill these hollow forms with paper clay, dry the paper clay and embellish with pencil crayons and paints. These lightweight pieces can be custom-coloured and incorporated into your jewellery designs or mounted on canvas and turned into multimedia works of art.

Resin Basics

Learn how to capture paper, beads, jewels and other keepsakes forever suspended in resin and create pendants, bracelets or other types of personalized jewellery. Several types of resin will be explored and the pros and cons of each will be discussed.

Soldered Ring Riot


If you’ve been afraid to solder, or frustrated by sheet and wire soldering techniques, this class will turn you into a soldering fanatic. Using a no-fear, easy to accomplish paste soldering technique, you will use flat wire to create a ring shank then add a vintage brass or copper stamped form to complete the look. We will also discuss finishing techniques including pickling, liver of sulfur, adding some bling, Renaissance Wax and other glazes.

Spool Knitting with Wire

felt balls vintage bugles french knit necklace  IMG_0367

Remember corking as a kid? Well, it’s also known as French knitting and spool knitting too. Get in touch with your inner child and be transported back to your childhood — revive your corker and make great wire jewellery with this versatile tool. Just add beads, ribbon, felt balls or other embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind necklace that’s a piece of art!

Twisted and Forged Bronze Bracelets

Learn how easy and fun it is with some basic forging, a few flicks of the wrist and some heat to turn round bronze wire into an armful of bangles! You can also use the technique to create gorgeous neck torques to show off special beads. Students will learn basic forging and annealing techniques in this class.

Viking Knit

Learning the ancient art of Viking knitting has never been easier using the Lazee Daizee knitter. Transforms spools of wire into bracelets and necklaces that you can use to showcase tube beads, lampwork beads or just wear plain on their own. This is an addictive and very portable craft that you’ll have hours of fun with.