Last few classes before I leave for France!

Check them out! It’s Grape and Wine Festival time here in St Catharines and my street is planning a big party on Saturday. Crammed in around it, I’m teaching two classes downtown at Craft Arts Market – one I call Barrel of Monkey Pearls and the other is bead embroidery around a button or other treasure. Click here to sign up.

Then on Sunday I’m off to Kitchener for the Grand River Bead Society’s fall bead show where I’m debuting a leather cuff class and also teaching my bead embroidery class.

Finally, next weekend, October 2 and 3, I’m in Toronto teaching at Beadfx. Friday evening is Open Metal Studio and Saturday is the debut of my advanced enamelling techniques class and something a lot of people have been waiting for, flame enamelling. Check out my classes here.

Hope you can join me for at least one of these classes! 

One response to “Last few classes before I leave for France!

  1. Hi there!! Im really interested in taking the torch enamelling glass a BeadFX this Saturday but since I have no previous enamelling experience, I was not allowed to sign up… I am a lampworker and silversmith – torches and fire don’t scare me! 😉

    I’m wondering if you would consider giving me special permission to participate in the workshop? I am confident that I would be able to participate fully and not hold the others back…

    Please email me a response (rather than post here since I likely wouldn’t see the response…).

    Thanks so much,

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