Monthly Archives: September 2015

Last few classes before I leave for France!

Check them out! It’s Grape and Wine Festival time here in St Catharines and my street is planning a big party on Saturday. Crammed in around it, I’m teaching two classes downtown at Craft Arts Market – one I call Barrel of Monkey Pearls and the other is bead embroidery around a button or other treasure. Click here to sign up.

Then on Sunday I’m off to Kitchener for the Grand River Bead Society’s fall bead show where I’m debuting a leather cuff class and also teaching my bead embroidery class.

Finally, next weekend, October 2 and 3, I’m in Toronto teaching at Beadfx. Friday evening is Open Metal Studio and Saturday is the debut of my advanced enamelling techniques class and something a lot of people have been waiting for, flame enamelling. Check out my classes here.

Hope you can join me for at least one of these classes!