My first outdoor show (from the vendor side)

Well, Art in the Park came and went last weekend. Gail Speers and I had a lot of fun conceiving, stocking, and selling at, our booth. I had no idea what kind of audience the show would draw, nor the size. As far as sales go, we didn’t do as well as we dreamed (who does?) but we didn’t do that badly. Gail says rule of thumb is that you make 10X the booth cost. Between us, we did about 6X the booth cost. 


People were friendly, browsed, exclaimed about out talent and work, wished us luck, then wandered away. I felt our work fit the overall aesthetic of the show since what we produce is wearable art. We had some expensive pieces but we also had unique pieces priced at $10 and $15 that we had hoped would be nice impulse buys for people. There were fewer impulse buys than we hoped.

It seems to me that people should support local artists instead of spending their money at Big Box stores. The paintings I saw were beautiful and well- priced. I bought a great lino print. The same goes for food too.  Why buy your berries, fruit and veg, or even meat, at the big store when there are so many farmers markets to frequent? I try to buy my produce, free-range eggs and meat at the market, supplementing with non-perishable goods at the big store. I feel the quality is better and I feel good about supporting my “neighbours”. 

I’m grateful for everyone who purchased something from me on the weekend. I hope they love, and wear often, the unique pieces of art they bought and that they feel good for having supported a local artist.

One response to “My first outdoor show (from the vendor side)

  1. It was a lovely venue and it was a good mix of artisan products. Several jewellery artists but all very different…so it all comes down to what appeals to any one individual. Engaging people in conversation and sharing the story behind each piece seemed to be appreciated, whether they purchased or not. There are also post-show benefits. Lots of cards handed out…now to fix up my FB page! Like Cindy I am very appreciative of the purchases made by people visiting our booth! St Catharines and its people are lovely!

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