Beaded bags

i love tiny evening purses. I have a collection of vintage bags that are beaded, embroidered and/or lavishly embellished. I also collect and make cigar box bags. 

At the Bead and Button Show in June I kept seeking great beaded bags everywhere. In the display cases of beaded projects entered in the Bead Dreams contest, it seemed that a lot of people have beaded bags on their mind. 

My photography on my phone isn’t the best, but here are the bags I saw there. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create a beautiful beaded bag too. Enjoy!

This last clutch is by Olga Haserodt. I couldn’t get the name tag in the photo. 

One response to “Beaded bags

  1. I love beaded bags too! These are v inspirational! I picked up two Judith Leiber purse shells at B&B…a bit afraid to start, at the same time incredibly excited to have them….esp the dragonfly shaped one!

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