Back from Bead and Button!

What a wonderful week! There’s nothing better than a road trip with great friends that culminates in amazing learning opportunities, shopping fun and reunions with old friends. It’s always exhausting, exhilarating and elevating. 

I have so much to share but here’s a quick overview of some of my fave things.

I made a great spinner ring with Robyn Cornelius. She offers this sold-out class every year. 

Spinner ring I made in Robyn Cornelius’ class

I adored the freeform style espoused by Mary Hettmansperger and soared creatively in her Portholes and Hinges class. I treated a lot of metals and have ideas to finish four or five more riffs on this design. I’ll blog about that at a later date, no doubt. 

Front of portholes and hinges necklace

Inside portholes and hinges

Learned a whole lot about enamelling, returning to learn how to raku enamel with Steven James and finally tackling flame immersion enamelling with Debora Mauser. This is the pulling station for flame enamelling. See a few enamelled headpins to the left. We then moved on to the flat metal and filigree beads. 

Bead pulling station

I absolutely adored raku enamelling and can’t wait to create projects to teach how easy it is to achieve these organic beauties. 


Raku enamelling

 And here’s the gorgeous raku ceramic pieces I got from MakuStudio, one of a kind pieces by Marianne Kasparian.


More to come!  


One response to “Back from Bead and Button!

  1. It was a great week! I can’t wait to try immersion enamelling and learn what I missed when I was unable to go to Debora Mauser’s class! Love the pieces you did in Mary Hettmansperger’s class!

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