A ring for every finger

So last week I went crazy making rings. These rings are the same easy soldered rings I teach in my classes. My final ring tally was 34, although six of them were leftover samples made in classes with students. The rings are destined for sale in a recently opened shop in downtown called Craft Arts Market.  They will be selling for $20 each, so I hope they fly out of the store. 

Below I’ve outlined how these rings are made and I share a recipe for homemade pickle. 


Yes, I set up my work station on my living room floor so I could watch TV too. Look at that pile of ring shanks waiting to be soldered. I cut the flat wire, filed it and made a “D” shape to ensure a surface where both ends meet tightly. 


And the flux flares and the solder flows.


 Here’s the pickle I made. Worked quickly and my kitchen smelled like salt and vinegar chips. Warm up, in a covered metal or glass pan, two cups of vinegar and two tsps salt.  That’s it! 


After the vintage stampings were soldered to the shanks (I pickled them too to ensure a good clean surface for soldering) I pickled the ring to remove fire scale then shaped it on my mandrel using my rawhide hammer. Then, using a buffer wheel on my Dremel, I cleaned and shined each ring. A final coat of Renaissance Wax and, in a few cases the application of a Swarovski crystal, and they are ready for sale. 



One response to “A ring for every finger

  1. What a great collection! Love the vintage pieces you have found!

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