A new adventure

I will admit it. I had a busy year in 2014. But not with this blog or my creative life. I wrapped up my position at the Queen West Art Crawl, I fixed up my house in Toronto, I went through the nerve-wracking process of selling it, I had to find a new house then finally I had to pack, unpack and feather my new nest.

I’m now happily exploring my new home city of St Catharines and am so excited by the creative scene and energy I’m discovering here. More on that in future posts. Right now I’ve laid the groundwork for my new business, Cindy Goldrick design. Getting business processes set up, putting plans for marketing in place and building inventory continues to eat up most of my time right now. But part of my plan is to blog at least once a week here and I will have an announcement shortly about other blogging channels where you will find me!

Tomorrow I will post a blog outlining my teaching schedule and classes for the next few months. Venues include Beadfx, TBS events and the Coast 2 Coast Show in Mississauga.

I’m happy to be back at what I love – and full time too!


One response to “A new adventure

  1. Been a very exciting year! And no doubt much more to come! All Good!

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