Ring a ding ding

Monday, Canada Day, Gail Speers came over for the afternoon and, while she tried some propane torch enamelling, I got out my new supply of patterned wires and Nunn Design brass stampings and proceeded to make a few rings, keeping everything in mind that I learned from Kate Richbourg.

I got my new soldering pan out, filled my favourite torch with butane and, wow, was I pleased with the results. The brass reacts to fire in an interesting way — the copper comes to the surface. So after I removed the firescale from the purple ring, I buffed it with steel wool, 1200 grit sandpaper and then a pro polish pad. I liked the contrast between the copper colour and raised areas that showed up bright brass again. I used Metal Me This’s Color Me This orchid ink to bring out the delicate flower, that looked a bit like a Gerbera daisy to me.

The next ring uses copper flat wire, and I was excited by the deep, cherry red that the copper showed after I removed the firescale. At first I thought the brass bird was a bit too big, but I loved the way its wings and tail fly across the finger beside the ring finger. I added a couple of different colours of blue ink, mixing, buffing, adding, mixing and buffing again. I think I’m going to stop playing with it now.

I have to glaze both of them, to prevent my fingers from turning green and to protect the patina I worked hard to establish.

So maybe, this weekend, I’ll try another round of ring making, or even create a bangle or two!

bluebird ring purple ring


One response to “Ring a ding ding

  1. It was fun! Thanks for sharing new torch! I learned lots and someday I will get that dragonfly to stick to a heart, both enamelled in diff colours! I like a challenge!

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