Bead and Button — Learning there Rocks!

This was my fourth year attending the Bead and Button Show, and I’ve taken classes there every year. I find them a great value for the money and always come away with great ideas, beautiful, wearable jewellery and new contacts. I learned from some great teachers there over the years: Kay Rashka, Chris Mode, Tracey Stanley, Steven James. This year I added Kate Richbourg to that list. I learned more about soldering and ring construction from her in the space of a few hours than I could have from any book or other teacher.

A good class is one in which you master the technique, come away with something wearable and, most importantly, are creatively challenged to continue to explore the technique. Good teachers get you excited about learning and are excited by your growth. Kate is one of those teachers, and I try to be that kind of teacher as well.

So, not only did I learn a lot about ring-making, I continued to learn a lot about how to teach. And for that, I am truly thankful. And it’s the reason I will continue to take classes for the rest of my life. Learning is always a joy. Sharing is an even bigger joy. Combine them both at an event like Bead and Button, and you have the perfect world.


One response to “Bead and Button — Learning there Rocks!

  1. Well said Cindy! Bead & Button does provide incredible access to world renowned experts! Well worth doing!

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