Playing with the Jig

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with my Now That’s a Jig by Brenda Schweder. But I had an idea for a cuff on my way home from teaching at Beadfx yesterday so I decided to try it out.

Here is a pic of the bracelet in progress. You can see how I set up the jig to create the prongs of the bracelet and the flower-shaped focal.


Then I wirewrapped the prongs after I flattened them and shaped them around a bracelet mandrel. I wrapped the central oval for a focal crystal to nestle into. Not sure yet how I will finish the back or if it needs finishing.



2 responses to “Playing with the Jig

  1. Hi Cindy;
    Just an FYI
    I tried to purchase a jig, like the one we used at the techniques night last December, Feb 7 I went to Bead Fx to see if they would order one for me, I was informed that they don’t sell that tool. It is only for their class & studio.
    I am now looking for other stores to purchase tools from.
    Michele TBS

    • OK. You can purchase the jig through Brenda Schweder’s etsy store or go to Also, I believe that Debi at Beads of Colour has a classroom set and may be in a position to sell hers. I’m getting a second jig in about a week and may be in a position to sell it if you’re interested.

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