A new blog, a new outlook

Hi all,

After my Swarovski Elements cruise, I re-evaluated my life and know that following my bead and metal dream is my only course of action. So this blog will document my new teaching and designing journey.

A few things about the cruise, while it’s still on my mind. I made a few new friends, which was great. I learned a lot about Swarovski Elements and befriended a few more Ambassadors to grow my network of contacts. The exciting stuff happened on my shore excursions, though. My guide in Costa Maya channeled an old, dear, departed friend and gave me some very heart-felt messages that set my mind and heart at ease. The warm, humid air and sun restored my mind and body from the stress that was winding me to the breaking point. The cerveza ensured that I relaxed and the great food and company engaged my creative mind and spirit.

I am looking forward, with a light heart, to my new teaching and learning adventures at Bead and Button in Milwaukee, in a few weeks. If you’re going to be there, check out my classes and sign up!

Finally, the sun is breaking through in Toronto, literally and figuratively, and I feel amazing! Join me on this creative journey. I welcome your feedback, comments and support.

Only love and good thoughts to you all.


2 responses to “A new blog, a new outlook

  1. Sounds great Cindy! I look forward to your posts. I clicked on the “follow” button in bottom right corner of the page on my iPad to make sure I receive your posts. I imagine our guide in Costa Maya would be pleased given his relatively recent newfound faith which he shared with us. I believe good vibes can be contagious! Here’s to your new outlook! Go get ’em!

  2. Follow your dreams, Cindy and good luck on your journey.

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